Wednesday, June 2, 2010

family tree

FL was amazing... and while i was there i had my grandma pull out an old box of photos so i could dig through and find my favorites to use in some artwork. Here's just a sampling of what we found...

she also had these VHS tapes of my grandfather narrating over old home video footage he had transfered from film. i hadn't heard his voice in 19 years. it was moving to say the least. at one point he started talking about an old song, then singing it... his voice sounded so beautiful to me. i damn near lost it. good times, good times.



  1. If i wasn't smoking 20lbs of brisket right now, i'd have sooooo many things to say about these. The boys in the butcher shop, yessss.

  2. my god you have some real gems here! is there any chance i could use some of these in some of my own work?
    i'm particularly liking the one with the shirtless man and masked man and the one following it with the kissing couple. even the one with the three men holding a pose in second to last, just great! i'd like to make drawings of them with your permission?

  3. OMG reALLy!? i would be HONORED!!!

  4. sweet! thank you. i'll keep you posted on what i do with them.