Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1000º C

On the 1st of February in 2008, a fire ravaged Paris' most beloved taxidermy shop. Deyrolle's, established in 1832, has been described as the kind of place your parents bring you as a child, then you return with your friends, then your wife, then your children and grandchildren. It is pretty much a museum where everything is for sale. It is magical.

When the fire destroyed 90% of the shop's stock, owner Louis Albert de Broglie invited his friend Laurent Bochet to photograph what remained. The outcome is a haunting collection of photos that are as disturbing as they are beautiful. I am in love with this work...

And don't worry... with the help of many loyal friends and fans (including Hermès who reissued its “Plumes” scarf in a limited edition to raise money), they reopened with new and improved digs and a sized down yet still awe inspiring collection in December 2009 :)


  1. I love it! hey i have a small blog too, follow me!

  2. This is just beyond amazing. Where did you hear about this?