Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Daughters of Disaster

Day 2: Good ol' Sauget, IL, population 25. Nestled between the most elegant strip clubs, a power plant and gas stations we find ourselves at Pop's to see the one, the only... Schuylar and the Sons of Disaster (aka mega- homies). Hey... don't tempt us with a good time...

STYLE WATCH: Pool noodles as scarves. Say i won't... Say i won't ... Say i won't!

after the show it's the after party.... (toot toot beep beep)...

"what IS this??"

bed time.
Tomorrow... crackin the whip. Back to work. Antiquing till the death.
Yep... it's like that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ax+Apple just got back from the best road trip of all times! Day 1, we convened at my place and walked ourselves over to Zilker Park to Austin City Limits to catch a few of my favorite bands. Highlights: Blitzen Trapper (that vid is pretty awesome), The Avett Brothers (if you ever have a chance to see them live pLEASe do it), and Dr. Dog. Honorable mentions to Andrew Bird (whom i LOVE, but not the best venue for him in my humble opinion) and Kings of Leon. I love this lil' city i call home:

The players:


(baby zoe.)

(anna "don't" verplanck)

It was a hard day to top... but luckily once we hit the road we ran right into an antique mall that just so hAPPens to house the country's largest dog museum. SERENDIPITY!!

No time to spare, we push on. SAUGET ILLINOIS or BUST!!

Stay tuned for more. Upcoming episodes: Ax+Apple does a metal show, wears many hats in many antique stores, hits the lake house, walks the surface of the moon and last but not least CHEE TOWN ("chi town"... whatever...)!!

New Album. Coming Soon...