Sunday, May 30, 2010


there we are again!! Click the pic to see the post on the line over at absinthrill...

Friday, May 28, 2010

we're live!

still tweaking... but it's a start. click the frame to embark on the journey of a LIFETIME.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

if you need me i'll be poolside...

Home sweet home. Spending the week in Florida, catchin up with the folks, seein some old friends and hittin up the old hauntz. I'll never understand people who say they hate this place. I mean... c'mon people... FLAMINGOS!!!! And don even get me started on manatees. Psht.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

there's no I in ax+apple... not anymore!!!

Dear Friends and Family,

It's all happening. The last month of my life has been totally insane and everything is snowballing in a way i can't even really begin to describe. Orders and inquiries are coming in at a pace i have no idea how to handle. It's exciting. Very. But it is also VERY scary and I have found myself in way over my head. I have to laugh... What are all these spreadsheets, insurances, dividends (what aRRe thOSE ;)), corkboardz, inventoriez, invoices, POs, new accountz, old accountzzzzzzzz... it hurts my brain. Not kidding. I've been in rare form. I went 24 hours without looking in the mirror and when i did it was hYSTERIcal. I look like a frickin loonytoon these days. LUCKY for me, I have aMAZING friends who are all coming together to help me realize this dream that I've been working so tirelessly to realize. The family is growing and soon we will be a well oiled machine ready to knock em down. ALL of em.

Thanks guys. I love you all. (with a tear in my eye... really...)

In order of appearance: Meriwether (the business consultant) Tull, Will (the production supervisor) Evans, and Cory (the wheel grease) MacPherson.

not pictured: Jess (the manager) Abramson, Anita (the partner) Fowler, Peter (web designer extraordinaire) Dorfman, and Anna (the muse and boo) Verplanck.

and of COURse... mom + dad. :) xoxoxox

jamie (master of ceremonies) dorfman.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Gayngs is a super group of sorts, or a “musical super family” if you will… with like a million members. These members include but are not limited to some of my personal favorites, Justin Vernon + Mike Noyce (Bon Iver), Maggie Wander (Dessa), Ivan Howard (the Rosebuds), and my own dear friends Stefon LeRon Alexander (POS), and sax player Michael Lewis (Happy Apple, Andrew Bird).

brace yourself... with all songs written at 69 bpm and a logo that's just a teeny bit suggestive (wink wink)... this is my kinda party.

favorite traxxx so far: the gaudy side of town, crystal rope, and no sweat.

This is their first video release, cry, and the first single, the gaudy side of town. But really, do yourself a favor and buy the whole damn album. You can thank me later.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


my internet buddy claire brewer of moth and sparrow just posted the NICEST things about me on her blog. SerIOUSly... i'm dying over here...
considering hiring her to write all my bios and info pages ;)
click the link above to check it/ her adorable blog out...

one for the good times

indian folk art

SO into these...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

the bone room

is this the most beautiful thing i've ever seen?? it might be. jus sayin...
i could shop everyday and not get over it. amazing...