Thursday, July 30, 2009

If you haven't visited my links on the right over there---------> you are a jerk. JKJK!! But you should really check this guy out. My dear friend, Zack Canepari, really does do it better. He spent the last 2 years of his life trekking around India and popping into the Middle East now and again on camel, foot, rickshaw... you name it. And documenting as much as humanly possible (or maybe more, i think he might be half machine.) Check out his blog. It's worth it. And his website is worth takin a peek at as well. Go to the "icandoitall" portfolio... you might recognize a certain skinny legged, crazy mouthed beaut in a few frames... i'm not sayin whO ;)
Pretty poignant stuff. This guy is all pro. (check out those credentials!!)

and PS... he is back in the states and word has it he'll be trippin around in an RV doin it up Americana style... better believe if he comes this way I'll be hitchin a ride!! Ax+Apple hits the road!? Stay tuned...

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