Wednesday, March 31, 2010

el invernadero

Maybe one of the greatest gifts I ever gotten... during SXSW my BFF Aynna cleaned out my greenhouse. We planted all kinds of seeds, and in the next week everything came to life! We have cucumbers and tomatoes and hot peppers... basil, parsley, chives, cotton, and a mix of succulents and cacti. Every morning, the first thing i do is go downstairs and just sit in it. It smells like heaven and is the best way I've found to start the day yet. Even better than iced chai.
Thanks Boo!!


  1. that is so beautiful..

    i'm gonna set up in a mini garden in my mini patio this spring/summer and i can't wait, thanks for the inspiration!!!


  2. oh my god! this looks like the most wonderful place on earth! your bff is a keeper :)