Monday, December 7, 2009

Yeah 2009, that's right. I rocked you.

It's been one exceptionally good year for me. I moved to Austin, where I have been wanting to live for cOUNtless years, met some really really amazing friends (you know who you are boo ;)), got my jewelry line in a few really really amazing boutiques, met Melinda Wells McCabe, my LA based sales rep who taught/ is always teaching me SO much and got me in some more really really amazing boutiques (check out our show room web page at, and pretty much just kicked ass all over the place. It's been hard work to say the least. I'm talkin blood, sweat + tears (in the literal sense). But I feel great, and am very proud of myself. I am super excited to keep designing, hopefully be able to hire some help soon, and see what 2010 (and my 30's!) have in store...

Here's a few of the shops you can find ax+apple in these days...

1700b South Congress Ave.
Austin, TX

910 S. 1st St.
Austin, TX 78704

2128 Arlington Ave.
Columbus, OH

5131 Main St.
Downers Grove, IL

420 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA

1871 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio

5932 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209

And don't forget the Etsy Shop where you will always find one of a kind ax+apple pieces!!



  1. yup! you rock! and i found you in 2009, yay for me!


  2. I found you in 2008 so that means you know I'm not in it for the money or the fame. I knew you when you were NOTHING!!!

  3. i am stILL nothing without you boo... COME HOME YOU HOE BAG!!